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It has just been one of those weeks…
October 8, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Luckily, vegan mac and cheese has healing properties.

I like Julie Hasson’s version of Bryanna’s Melty Cheeze Sauce. But, I’ve been meaning to try Jess’ Adapted Version of the New Farm Mac and Cheez and Vegan Dad’s Creamy Mac and Cheeze.

What vegan mac and cheese recipe is your fav?


October 2, 2008, 9:49 pm
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After such a long blogging break, it’s hard to know where to begin! I found some pictures on my camera I haven’t posted, but I don’t remember when I took them or the context in which I took them or anything. They were all taken somewhere between 2 months ago and today. So, enjoy this random assortment of pics! I’ll try to be more organized by tomorrow. I noticed some of you are even doing themes for Mofo this year. Way to make a girl feel unprepared!

Now hold onto you seat because these first two are gonna blow your mind!!!

Homemade pizza dough.



All joking aside, rising pizza dough still amazes me.

Next up, homemade almond milk. I loved it a lot, but Matt said it was two grainy tasting. He actually coughed a little, which I think was kinda for show, but whatever. I bought some cheesecloth the other day in case I want to give it another go. The cookies are PB Newman-O’s that a friend brought us-what a sweetie!


Polenta Rancheros! A recipe in the upcoming brunch book by Isa. I absolutely love this recipe. The beans and polenta go so well together and the SAUCE, it’s killer. I actually finally figured out why I love the sauce so much. I mean, when I first made it, I smelled it and closed my eyes and there was something about it. Some spell it put over me every time I took a whiff. Well, I realized that this ranchero sauce reminds me of when I was a little and my Mom and Dad got us food from a place called El Pollo Loco (SO not vegan) and we ate together and it was great. So, little did Isa know that her ranchero sauce would transport me back to childhood!

Lastly, a cake I made for my awesome grandma. Vanilla cake and chocolate frosting, both from the cupcake book.

I’m not the best cake decorator in the world, but not the worst either? I think I may take a Wilton cake decorating class here soon. Grandma liked it, so that’s what matters anyway.

Get back to posting MOFO!
October 1, 2008, 9:00 am
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Okay, dang. You don’t have to yell at me. I am joining many, MANY others in participating in Vegan Mofo aka Vegan Month of Food.

VeganMofo is an idea that spawned last year over at the PPK. The idea is to post about vegan stuff (cooking, restaurant reviews, vegan shoes…you get the idea) everyday in October [or as many days as I can manage]. This is so cool because it’s like I am making some of my favorite bloggers post daily. Well, VeganMofo is.

But how the hell are you going to find the time to read bajillions of posts everyday?? Google Reader! I just found out about it. Literally. Like 10 minutes ago. I can’t believe I’ve taken my sweet time clicking on tons of blogs to see if they’ve updated.

I am very excited about all of the vegan goodness this will bring about.

Here’s to a delicious month!

Eating Veg in Vegas
July 31, 2008, 6:29 pm
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I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever last week. I had a great time and I am sure I’ll return (someday). While Vegas is known for gambling, drinking and shows…it’s not renowned for being veg (vegetarian and vegan) friendly. Even so, I found it a snap to eat veg in Vegas.

Here’s a list of restaurants I know of that have vegetarian and vegan options. You shouldn’t take my word for it though. Do some research for yourself too.

(1) Go Raw Cafe

Tasty raw vegan food at two different locations. One of the locations even has a salad bar. We went to the Lakes Center local during our second day in Vegas and left very satisfied. Matt and I shared a tropical smoothie and the Mexicali Sampler.

I must warn all of you, though: this place is not close to the strip. When I say not close, I mean don’t try to take the bus! Please. We did and it took us over an hour. If you are in Vegas with no car and don’t want to take a cab, I would skip Go Raw.

(2) Chipotle

I love Chipotle. Big ass veggie burritos the size of my head. If you want yours vegan- get no cheese, no sour cream and black beans. That’s the way I like it. Oh, and lots of salsa!

There is a Chipotle right on the strip too. It’s next to Harrah’s Casino.

(3) P.F. Changs

P.F. Changs is a great place to start a fun night out right. My favorite dishes are the vegetarian lettuce wraps and the coconut curry vegetables. They have many other clearly marked veg dishes too. Changs is also located on the strip.

(4) California Pizza Kitchen

If you are vegetarian, they have tons of killer pizzas. If you are vegan, a source tells me that you have much to choose from too, including the Broccoli Sun-Dried Tomato Fusili (no parm), which is awesome. Again-right on the f’ing strip!

(5) Ronald’s Donuts

Vegan. Donuts.

Unfortunately, Matt and I didn’t have time to visit Ronald’s this time, but it’s on the to do list for next trip. Ronald’s is not on the strip, but it isn’t too far. Let me know if you have any luck taking the bus there!

I am adding your veg-friendly Vegas spots here:

(6) Burger Bar

Thanks, vegyogini!

I am sure there are many more veg options then what I’ve listed here, so keep your eyes open and your chin up! 😉

Other foodie tips: Bring breakfast with you. We packed cereal, almond milk and lots of fruit. Yummy and CHEAP! We also brought oatmeal, but our hotel room didn’t have a microwave nor hot enough water to cook the oats. We asked a restaurant down stairs and they wanted to charge us $2 or something for a little cup of hot water. Whatever! I’ll stick to cereal.

I also brought some homemade trail mix for snackage on the go.

I hope this info helps and please leave me a comment if you can think of any other veg friendly places in Vegas or any Vegas tips in general.

Blog Award
July 25, 2008, 3:07 pm
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The lovely Kristen passed along this fun award to Julie’s Kind Kitchen! I am so thrilled and flattered that she would think of me. Thanks girl! Also, thank you to everyone that reads this blog. I love blogging and hope you all enjoy reading.

Now I need to nominate 7 other blogs for this award. As you can see by my blogroll, this is such a hard decision! In alphabetical order, I nominate:

1)  Food Snob

2)  Guinnah

3)  Just the Food

4)  Kamutflake Girl

5)  Vegan Homemade

6)  Vegan Vice

7)  Your Vegan Mom

I truly enjoy your blogs, ladies!

Look for a new post in the next couple of days about eating veg in Vegas…

The colors of RAW…
July 10, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I am no raw expert like Kristen, but I do love how raw food makes me feel! After eating raw, I am full, but not full. I also love how raw food is so colorful and beautiful and simple. In this hot, hot heat here in the valley of the sun, raw food is something I welcome into my diet.

First up, a green smoothie! If you just said or thought “YUCK!”, you should think again. Green smoothies don’t have to be gross. Here’s some simple rules I follow when making mine: (1) Get your proportions right. All greens and a little fruit may not be palatable, but you also don’t want all fruit and one leaf of spinach. Experiment and adjust the fruit/veg proportions to your taste; (2) Blend everything really well. You don’t want to get a piece of kale stuck in your teeth and (3) If you just can’t get past the green color, add some berries. My newest cookbook treasure, Get it Ripe!, has a wonderfully proportioned green smoothie recipe that I have been following lately.

Next up, a RAW soup! Crazy, I know. This is Ani Phyo’s Raw Sweet Corn and Cashew Chowder. This soup was refreshing and delicious. Matt didn’t much care for it, though. He tried it and then had a pb&j.

Matt and I did both like this dip. It’s Ani’s Sun Dried Tomato Hummus from her book (link on the left side bar). This hummus is bean free, which is incredible to me. It really does taste hummus-like.

This is not a raw dish, but it is a tease. Courico Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Salsa from Isa’s upcoming book. These were awesome. I made them using my favorite homemade seitan recipe, Simpler Seitan from Veganomicon.

Curious about raw foods? Check out these links:

Melody is taking on a one month raw challenge

Swell Vegan completed a one week raw challenge

Kristen’s tips on how to make raw food easy

And the winner is…
July 5, 2008, 11:08 pm
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I’ll be in contact with you so that you can get your free cookies! As for the rest of you, don’t be sad… Matt and my favorite Liz Lovely cookie variety, Ginger Snapdragons, are on sale. 6 big ass cookies for less than 10 bucks?! YES, PLEASE.

Thanks to all of you who participated in my little game! 😉 Some of you noticed that with a little investigative work, the lie was easy to figure out.

Happy 4th for those of you in the US!