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Love in the form of cookies…
July 1, 2008, 7:21 pm
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I like cookies. A LOT. I usually bake them myself (Dreena’s Chocolate Chip recipe is the best!), but sometimes it’s nice to have yummy packaged cookies at your disposal. Problem is, packaged cookies usually taste nothing like their freshly baked counterparts. Such is not the case over at Liz Lovely! Liz and her crew bake the freshest tasting cookies out there. If it weren’t for the packaging, you would never guess these babies weren’t homemade!

I first tried Liz Lovely cookies when Matt bought me some for Valentine’s Day after I sent him and email that read something like:

FYI, babe!


Like the wonderful boyfriend he is, I enjoyed Lovely Oh’s for weeks (I mean days).

Recently, I got to try even more deliciousness from Liz Lovely in the form of Snicker Dudes, Macaroonies Sock-It-To-Me and Ginger Snapdragons.

Matt and I thought that all three kinds were awesome, but we’re especially fond of the Ginger Snapdragons. Both of us would like to eat Ginger Snapdragons until the end of time.

Now, not only are Liz Lovely cookies yummy, but they are also organic, vegan, fair trade and are packaged with eco-friendly materials!

Now that I’ve got your mouth watering, want some free cookies!? The good (and generous!!) people at Liz Lovely want to give YOU their Brand New Cookie Sampler!

Here’s what you gotta do to get the cookies:

Ever played the game two truths and a lie? Here are two things about Liz Lovely founder, Liz Holtz that are true and one that is a lie. Pick the lie and leave it in the comment section as “#1, #2 or #3 is the lie!” Everyone who guesses the trivia question correctly will be put in a random drawing for FREE COOKIES!

Ok, two truths and a lie (not necessarily in that order…or are they?)

#1 Liz loves gangsta rap.

#2 Liz has a dog named Bella.

#3 Liz has a “trucker mouth.”

The contest will close on July 4th at 5PM-so hurry with your guesses! I will announce the winner by the 6th.

Good Luck 🙂


Curry ‘fu, Farmer’s Market and Redo Review
June 25, 2008, 11:42 pm
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After seeing Catherine’s mouthwatering posts about VCON’s Curry Tofu, I knew I had to make some asap! After I got home from work yesterday, I decided to get to it. While the tofu got a quick bath in the marinade, I washed a head of kale and steamed some (saved some for another dish) and prepared some whole wheat cous cous with golden raisins to serve on the side. Then I grilled up the ‘fu and called it a complete meal.

This was certainly a tasty and quick meal! I will definitely be making the Curry Tofu again. It was even better today, after a longer soak.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I headed down to the farmer’s market in Downtown Phoenix. Sometimes the produce available can be slim pickings, but there was a lot today! This market surely doesn’t compare to say, what she has access to, but it’s something. I came home with 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, 1 beautiful eggplant, 1 crooked neck squash, 1 onion, 1 bulb of garlic, 1 peach, 5 plums, lots of potatoes and a big ass watermelon.

Grand total spent: $16.00 Now, that’s a deal.

Remember back in this post when I reviewed some of Galaxy’s vegan cheese? Well Bianca mentioned in the comments that she enjoys “semi-melted” vegan cheese over chips. Egads! Bianca is one smart cookie. The cheese (including the slices) tastes way better semi-melted (rather that melted or straight out of the fridge). Thanks, girl!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer like I am!

Muffins, Vegan Cheese and Tasty Impromptu Meal
June 13, 2008, 7:23 pm
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So here are the Quinoa Almond Muffins from VCON that I mentioned I was going to make in the last post. Many of you wanted to know how these tasted, others said they already liked them and even others said they thought they were ok. I have to agree that they are ok. I mean they are good, just not good. I subbed dried cherries for dried apricots because that’s what I had. I think adding a couple of different kinds of dried fruit might jazz up these muffs up a bit.

Thanks for your “cheesy” suggestions in the last post! har har I decided to make nachos (I wanted pizza, but I was too tired to make it at the time). I used some of the Cheddar block and grated it over Trader Joe’s flax chips (I really like these, btw) and heated everything up in a 400 degree oven until the cheese was melted. I then took them out and topped everything with sliced green onions, Dreena’s Guacamole con Alga Marina and a dash of hot sauce.

So, what did I think of the cheese? It’s ok. After I ate a few bites of the nachos, I grated more cheese on top, but didn’t melt it. It tasted a lot better not melted, in my opinion.

This afternoon I set out to make Vegan Dad’s Best Ever Vegan Mini Meatloafs. Tomorrow I am going over to my Grandparent’s house for an early Father’s Day celebration and this recipe looked perfect for the vegetarian entrée. I purposefully made it a day ahead just in case it wasn’t so perfect, so I would have time to make something else (which has happened to me before!). I didn’t have any HP sauce or browning sauce, but I did add vegetarian worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke.

Well, I took it out of the oven and it looked and smelled SOO good! So, instead of going out tonight (which we usually do most Friday nights) Matt agreed to stay in and sample some of the meatloaf.

So then I had to decide what to have with the meatloaf…

Earlier in the day (pre-meatloaf) I made VCON’s Shredded Parsnip and Beet Salad in Pineapple Vinaigrette. I didn’t make it to go with anything really, it’s just a recipe I’ve wanted to make after seeing this post from Kamutflake Girl. So, I figured-this can be eaten with meatloaf! Lastly, I remembered I had gotten corn on the cob from the farmer’s market on Wednesday and surely corn goes with meatloaf!

And a meal was born!! I’m telling you, this meal was incredibly delicious! The meatloaf was perfect and the salad is so sweet it’s almost like dessert! Thanks Vegan Dad and Isa :]

I call this meal comfort food meets summertime food.

New Look, Homemade Bread and Galaxy Hummus Review
June 8, 2008, 9:36 pm
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First off, the blog has a new look!! Matt and I (mostly Matt) made the custom header you see above. Walking the Vegan Line and Vegan Dad both have cool new headers, so I decided it was time for Julie’s Kind Kitchen to have one too. The header may be changed a little in the future or not. I am not sure. What do you think?

Next, I made my first loaf of homemade bread! Wee. This is just one of the cooking projects I’ve listed here. I couldn’t find the soy milk powder this bread machine recipe calls for, so I just went with the Oatmeal Bread recipe on the back of the King Arthur bread flour bag. I like it a lot, but it came out really dense. Meaning it’s great by itself heated up with butter, but too dense for any kind of sandwich. Does anyone have a recipe for a lighter bread? Also, I would like for my next loaf to be whole wheat. I have a bread machine that Matt’s mom gave me, so it can be a bread machine recipe or not. I really want to keep making bread because not only is it fun ( I like to knead!), but it’s also so much cheaper than buying bread at the store.

Next up, Galaxy Foods sent us some free samples! So far I’ve only tried the hummus and I must say it’s really freaking good. I love the non-oily taste and little red pepper chunks sprinkled throughout. Plus, it’s organic. That’s good, right?

I am not to sure what I want to make with the vegan cheese. Suggestions? The block is Cheddar and the slices are Mozzarella and Pepper Jack.

Here’s a lil’ bit of that Galaxy hummus on a plate with pita and Dreena’s Quinoa Spring Salad. This is a recipe I have been meaning to try fore-v-e-r and never got around to it. I am glad I finally did, it’s so light and fresh tasting. What a perfect snack!

Can you guess which book is open in the background? Yup, it’s Veganomicon. I have some leftover quinoa and I think I am going to make the Quinoa Almond Muffins. Quinoa in a muffin? I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Finally, my Mom is reading the blog now…HI MOM!!

ProBar Review
May 26, 2008, 7:51 pm
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A couple of days ago, I received a package from the lovely people at ProBar. They sent me (I know, ME!) 5 bars from their new Sweet and Savory line to test out. Well, of course I was more than willing to indulge them. Actually, I have been wanting to try ProBar for a very long time. They are a bit more expensive then I am used to spending on a bar, so I’ve never purchased or tried one until now.

Wanting to share the wealth and not be one-dimensional in my review, I gathered up some testers:

#1 Me. Grad student. Likes: Relaxing on the couch with a good book or movie. Dislikes: Mean people.

#2 Matt, boyfriend. Marketing. Likes: Playing guitar. Dislikes: People asking him if he plays basketball (he’s 6’7″).

#3 Mom. Teacher. Likes: Spending quality time with the family. Dislikes: Cooking.

#4 Lil’ Brother. 3rd grader. Likes: All sports. Dislikes: Cleaning his room.

Here’s what we thought-

Maple Pecan: Tester-Matt

Matt said this bar was awesome and super tasty.

Cherry Pretzel: Testers-Me, Mom and Lil’ bro

Mom says this bar gets a 4 out of 4 star rating.

Lil’ bro says 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. He said for the name of the bar being Cherry Pretzel there were not enough pretzels.

I have to agree on the pretzel thing. Besides that…delicious.

Sesame Goji: Tester- Me

This is my favorite flavor I tried. I don’t know who thought of the combo of sesame seeds and goji berries, but that person should get a raise!

Cocoa Pistachio: Tester- Me Matt

I totally called this flavor as soon as I saw it, but somebody (Matt!) forgot about that and scarfed this one down for breakfast.

Matt said he really liked this flavor too.

Kettle Corn: Tester-Me

Good, but something in this one was extra hard. The toasted corn? Also, I really didn’t taste “Kettle Corn” when I ate it. The chocolate in the bar was a little overpowering.

So, in sum:

PROS (hehe the PROS of ProBars!):

-Made with good for you wholesome and organic ingredients

-Really inventive flavors!! There’s no getting bored here.

-Everyone likes them, from kids to adults :]

Thank you so much to everyone at ProBar!

What are you waiting for?! Go buy a ProBar at let me know which flavor is your favorite! I wanna try a Cran-Lemon Twister!!