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October 2, 2008, 9:49 pm
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After such a long blogging break, it’s hard to know where to begin! I found some pictures on my camera I haven’t posted, but I don’t remember when I took them or the context in which I took them or anything. They were all taken somewhere between 2 months ago and today. So, enjoy this random assortment of pics! I’ll try to be more organized by tomorrow. I noticed some of you are even doing themes for Mofo this year. Way to make a girl feel unprepared!

Now hold onto you seat because these first two are gonna blow your mind!!!

Homemade pizza dough.



All joking aside, rising pizza dough still amazes me.

Next up, homemade almond milk. I loved it a lot, but Matt said it was two grainy tasting. He actually coughed a little, which I think was kinda for show, but whatever. I bought some cheesecloth the other day in case I want to give it another go. The cookies are PB Newman-O’s that a friend brought us-what a sweetie!


Polenta Rancheros! A recipe in the upcoming brunch book by Isa. I absolutely love this recipe. The beans and polenta go so well together and the SAUCE, it’s killer. I actually finally figured out why I love the sauce so much. I mean, when I first made it, I smelled it and closed my eyes and there was something about it. Some spell it put over me every time I took a whiff. Well, I realized that this ranchero sauce reminds me of when I was a little and my Mom and Dad got us food from a place called El Pollo Loco (SO not vegan) and we ate together and it was great. So, little did Isa know that her ranchero sauce would transport me back to childhood!

Lastly, a cake I made for my awesome grandma. Vanilla cake and chocolate frosting, both from the cupcake book.

I’m not the best cake decorator in the world, but not the worst either? I think I may take a Wilton cake decorating class here soon. Grandma liked it, so that’s what matters anyway.