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Eating Veg in Vegas
July 31, 2008, 6:29 pm
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I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever last week. I had a great time and I am sure I’ll return (someday). While Vegas is known for gambling, drinking and shows…it’s not renowned for being veg (vegetarian and vegan) friendly. Even so, I found it a snap to eat veg in Vegas.

Here’s a list of restaurants I know of that have vegetarian and vegan options. You shouldn’t take my word for it though. Do some research for yourself too.

(1) Go Raw Cafe

Tasty raw vegan food at two different locations. One of the locations even has a salad bar. We went to the Lakes Center local during our second day in Vegas and left very satisfied. Matt and I shared a tropical smoothie and the Mexicali Sampler.

I must warn all of you, though: this place is not close to the strip. When I say not close, I mean don’t try to take the bus! Please. We did and it took us over an hour. If you are in Vegas with no car and don’t want to take a cab, I would skip Go Raw.

(2) Chipotle

I love Chipotle. Big ass veggie burritos the size of my head. If you want yours vegan- get no cheese, no sour cream and black beans. That’s the way I like it. Oh, and lots of salsa!

There is a Chipotle right on the strip too. It’s next to Harrah’s Casino.

(3) P.F. Changs

P.F. Changs is a great place to start a fun night out right. My favorite dishes are the vegetarian lettuce wraps and the coconut curry vegetables. They have many other clearly marked veg dishes too. Changs is also located on the strip.

(4) California Pizza Kitchen

If you are vegetarian, they have tons of killer pizzas. If you are vegan, a source tells me that you have much to choose from too, including the Broccoli Sun-Dried Tomato Fusili (no parm), which is awesome. Again-right on the f’ing strip!

(5) Ronald’s Donuts

Vegan. Donuts.

Unfortunately, Matt and I didn’t have time to visit Ronald’s this time, but it’s on the to do list for next trip. Ronald’s is not on the strip, but it isn’t too far. Let me know if you have any luck taking the bus there!

I am adding your veg-friendly Vegas spots here:

(6) Burger Bar

Thanks, vegyogini!

I am sure there are many more veg options then what I’ve listed here, so keep your eyes open and your chin up! πŸ˜‰

Other foodie tips: Bring breakfast with you. We packed cereal, almond milk and lots of fruit. Yummy and CHEAP! We also brought oatmeal, but our hotel room didn’t have a microwave nor hot enough water to cook the oats. We asked a restaurant down stairs and they wanted to charge us $2 or something for a little cup of hot water. Whatever! I’ll stick to cereal.

I also brought some homemade trail mix for snackage on the go.

I hope this info helps and please leave me a comment if you can think of any other veg friendly places in Vegas or any Vegas tips in general.


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My family and I go to Vegas about once per year – we’re due back this coming March or April :0) Thanks for this list of veg-friendly dining spots!

Comment by VeggieGirl

In the Mandalay Bay, there’s a little mall called Mandalay Place. Within Mandalay Place, there’s a restaurant called Burger Bar that has an amazing vegan plate (I think that’s even what it’s called). I had to be in Vegas a year and a half ago for business and I ate that vegan plate for dinner 2 nights (out of 3) in a row!

Comment by vegyogini

Awesome! Thanks, vegyogini!

Comment by julieannef

Thanks for tips. I may be going to Vegas this fall with my parents! And a trip to Ronald’s is at the top of my list. I’ll also have to check out Chipotle. I’ve heard of it, but we don’t have one here.

Comment by Bianca- Vegan Crunk

That’s a great post! Thanks for doing so, I’ll refer back to it next time I’m in Vegas. Glad you had the chance to try Go Raw Cafe πŸ™‚


Comment by Kristen's Raw

Sounds like you had fun in Vegas! The only time I’ve gone is when I was very young, but I hope to return one day if only to grab some vegan donuts.

Comment by Animal-Friendly

nice list! and that plate from Go Raw looks soooo delicious, I think I would take a cab for some of that!

Comment by LizΒ²

Ooooh, this is enough to make me want a trip to Vegas! Last time I went, I had no clue about all these veg offerings!
Another thing I love ordering at the California Pizza Kitchen is their 4 mushroom pizza without the cheese. (I believe their crust is vegan) It is SO good!

Comment by bazu

Glad to hear you had fun in Vegas. I haven’t been there since becoming a vegan. I want to go just for the vegan donuts. Is that awful or what?!?

Comment by Vivacious Vegan

thanks for the tips! dan and i are going to vegas for our first time this january with some friends! πŸ™‚ i’m printing out your post as i type this! thank you, thank you, thank you! πŸ˜€

Comment by jessy

Vegas is always so fun. I’m glad you found some good eats there.

Comment by atxvegn

How fun! I went to Vegas in May with my cancer survivor friends – we had a blast. I won $375 my first night on the quarter slots (I only put some money in because I felt guilty I was sitting in a chair while my friend played). It paid for most of my trip πŸ™‚ I’ve actually had pretty good luck eating veg (and some vegan) the last few times we’ve gone. Great list you’ve made!

Comment by Nancy (guinnah)

I’m so glad you got to go to Go Raw Cafe despite not having a car. I ate there twice during a two day stay last year.
A tip for making instant oatmeal while travelling: I purchased an immersion heater for hot water at my local supermarket for about $7 and it works like a charm for boiling water for instant oats, tea, etc., and is so tiny that it’s easy to pack.

Comment by Kelleen

Nancy-I wish that had happened to me! I tried…but, lost $20.

Thanks for the tip, Kelleen!

I am so glad everyone is finding this post useful πŸ™‚

Comment by julieannef

Cool! I went to vegas last week…I ate at Burger Bar and the food was really tasty but a bit too oily, it upset my stomach. I made it to Ronald’s but not Go Raw, I definitely recommend Ronald’s!

Comment by veganhomemade

What a fun time!! I was in vegas a few months ago and ate at many of these same places. Go Raw was one of my favorites, luckily we had a car! I wish I had seen the chipotle on the strip, it might have stopped me from eating at overpriced steamed veggies at an “upscale” restaurant.

Comment by Vegan_Noodle

Wow!! I had no idea there were so many veg-friendly places in Vegas. How cool.

Great blog! πŸ™‚

Comment by Katie

i am so sad to be reading this now. i went to vegas recently and had NO IDEA there were vegan donuts under my nose! thanks for this post, i shall be visiting these places when i next return. i did hit up PF changs though!

Comment by quarrygirl

Go raw cafe in vegas??? Wow, I have to admit that I am really surprised by such a yummy sounding restaurant being located in the middle of vegas! Cool.

Comment by VeganCowGirl

i’ll be sure to pass this on to a poker-playing friend of mine who’s down there a few times a year. thanks.

Comment by jae

Vegas is one place I’ve never been and honestly, I haven’t had any desire to go there. But now with all this food you tell us about … hmmm …I’m starting to feel luckier.

Comment by urbanvegan

Glad to know there’s vegan in Vegas, I didn’t fare so well last time. You MUST get to Ronald’s next time, MUST! It will knock your socks off!

Comment by melisser

You must MUST MUST go to Ronald’s!

When we were in Vegas, my BF and I ate dinner at Pei Wei’s in Henderson. They have a number of vegan options – the Teriyaki bowl is my personal favorite. We also enjoyed Go Raw Cafe quite a bit. Very friendly service.

Comment by Kati


Comment by Anonymous

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