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The colors of RAW…
July 10, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I am no raw expert like Kristen, but I do love how raw food makes me feel! After eating raw, I am full, but not full. I also love how raw food is so colorful and beautiful and simple. In this hot, hot heat here in the valley of the sun, raw food is something I welcome into my diet.

First up, a green smoothie! If you just said or thought “YUCK!”, you should think again. Green smoothies don’t have to be gross. Here’s some simple rules I follow when making mine: (1) Get your proportions right. All greens and a little fruit may not be palatable, but you also don’t want all fruit and one leaf of spinach. Experiment and adjust the fruit/veg proportions to your taste; (2) Blend everything really well. You don’t want to get a piece of kale stuck in your teeth and (3) If you just can’t get past the green color, add some berries. My newest cookbook treasure, Get it Ripe!, has a wonderfully proportioned green smoothie recipe that I have been following lately.

Next up, a RAW soup! Crazy, I know. This is Ani Phyo’s Raw Sweet Corn and Cashew Chowder. This soup was refreshing and delicious. Matt didn’t much care for it, though. He tried it and then had a pb&j.

Matt and I did both like this dip. It’s Ani’s Sun Dried Tomato Hummus from her book (link on the left side bar). This hummus is bean free, which is incredible to me. It really does taste hummus-like.

This is not a raw dish, but it is a tease. Courico Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Salsa from Isa’s upcoming book. These were awesome. I made them using my favorite homemade seitan recipe, Simpler Seitan from Veganomicon.

Curious about raw foods? Check out these links:

Melody is taking on a one month raw challenge

Swell Vegan completed a one week raw challenge

Kristen’s tips on how to make raw food easy


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All the raw food looks so refreshing! The corn chowder sounds especially wonderful- raw sweet corn and cashew…..yum!

Comment by Animal-Friendly

I love raw food. My friend Brooke turned me on to it years ago and since going back to vegetarian I have been eating raw for about 30 percent of my daily intake. If I did not live out int he sticks and had access to a truly great organic farmers market I could probably be 50 percent or more raw.

My body LOVES raw food. It makes me feel like superwoman. It is some of the most exciting food around sine it is living cuisine. I have a great selection of raw food books – I wish more had photos because raw food is so freaking gorgeous!

Your dishes look superb. I’ll be right over to eat the other portion of raw soup!

Comment by Nikki

Oooh, great pics. I think we’re all jumping on the raw train lately, which is a good thing! I have been making green smoothies a lot lately too, but I’ve not tried the one from Get it Ripe yet. Perhaps that will be my first recipe to try ffrom that book.

Comment by Judy

Hi πŸ™‚

Green Smoothies definitely rock the house. From helping people reduce cravings for unhealthy foods to giving high energy to adding more fiber to helping people lose weight… what’s not to love? πŸ™‚

I have a couple simple recipes I love:

1-2 cups water
1 handful spinach
2 bananas, peeled
Blend up for this creamy delicious smoothie. πŸ™‚


1-2 cups water
1 handful spinach
2 apples (Red delicious are shown to have the highest level of antioxidants)
1/4-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Give a whirl in your blender for this nice, light and almost “fluffy” smoothie. πŸ™‚

Kristen’s Raw

Comment by Kristen's Raw

oh wow! i’m dig’n all the raw awesomeness! i’m a big green smoothie girl, too. i have one probably 5 times a week – they’re soooooooooo good! and good for ya, too. yours is the most fun shade of green! yay!

i bought ani’s book about a month ago and haven’t tried that soup yet. think i might have to get some local corn & give it a shot. it looks so tasty!

and the tacos – oh my, they’re glorious looking. i could eat them all! mmmmmmmmmm!

Comment by jessy

I said YUM for the green smoothie. I really want one for breakfast tomorrow now!

Comment by B36Kitchen

I have a raw food cookbook & really need to try more recipes from it… I don’t even know why I haven’t yet; I think I’m intimidated because the techniques are so different than what I’ve done before. But I do love my raw smoothies!

Comment by Jess - The Domestic Vegan

I love green smoothies, not just for the taste but for the color as well. Someone else, on her blog, referred to them as “Swamp Smoothies”– a fun name for a fun smoothie :o).

Comment by ChocolateCoveredVegan

Raw fresh food truly is beautiful. I have Ani’s Raw and want to try both of those recipes.

Comment by atxvegn

The colors of raw foods are amazing. I totally want to try at least a few days raw once I move and get settled in.

Comment by veganhomemade

Mmmm….those Isa tacos look so tasty. Thank god I’m having tacos for dinner tonight!

And I’ve gotta check out that recipe for raw hummus.

Comment by Bianca- Vegan Crunk

I definitely didn’t wince at the thought of a green smoothie, I love em!! All those raw dishes are so colorful and fresh!

Comment by Vegan_Noodle

Last April I helped out at a health fair and we made veggie smoothies for people as they walked about and had their blood tested etc. I’d throw raw spinach and cabbage in the smoothies and have people guess what the secret ingredients were, but the flavor was so well hidden by the other fruit or chocolate that no one could tell they were drinking raw vegetables – genius! Raw smoothies rock!

Comment by Monika K

Yum! Beautiful photos. You have a great blog!

Comment by Katie

Looove raw goodies :0)

I never received the cookies from Liz Lovely… shall I contact them? I don’t mean to sound selfish, but I was just wondering if they ever sent them :0)

Comment by VeggieGirl

I would like to start eating more raw foods. How often do you eat raw?

Comment by Katie

Hi Veggiegirl-I just sent Andy an email and sent you a copy also. I will get to the bottom of this, so you can get your cookies πŸ™‚

Hi Katie-I would say raw foods makes up about 20-30% of my diet. I suggest trying out some great recipes and seeing what works for you. Good Luck!

Comment by julieannef

I have to say, even though I love eating raw when it’s prepared for me at a restaurant, I simply can’t do it at home for some reason. It’s so much more involved to do a raw recipe for me than it is to cook stuff. But I agree completely — nothing is more satisfying than an uncooked meal.

Comment by Brianna

I love green smoothies. Can’t get enough of them. My last day at work is August 1st and I’m looking forward to having long, lazy mornings with enough time to make smoothies for breakfast.

Comment by Vivacious Vegan

Hi πŸ™‚

You’ve been tagged and awarded by me πŸ™‚


Comment by Kristen's Raw

that smoothie is SUCH a beautiful shade of green, and yes I’m jealous that you have Get It Ripe, I’ve been wanting that for a while! I’m glad it’s so good, though. πŸ˜‰

oh oh, and thank you so much for the award! and congratulations on your own! πŸ˜€

Comment by LizΒ²

These food are all delicious! As long as it is raw it is yummy! I have my own recipe, why don’t you check my blog. http://www.whyraw.wordpress.com tell me your feedback.


Comment by Gabriel Azoulay

Bookmarked your blog. I really have to say thank you for sharing. Definitely worth the time away from my studies.

Comment by hp mini 210

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