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Homemade everything!!
June 17, 2008, 12:45 pm
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Well, two things anyway :]

Remember my list of cooking projects? Sure you do.

This week I made a version of Catherine’s granola. I didn’t have puffed brown rice cereal, so I used puffed kamut cereal, which I’d say is a fair exchange. I didn’t have almonds, walnuts, dried cherries nor dried apricots, so I had to leave those out. I could have gone to the store to get some or all of the missing dried fruit/nuts, but I really just wanted to use what I had on hand. I did have golden raisins and I added some macadamia nuts. This recipe worked out perfectly, thanks Catherine! Now that I’ve gotten a “taste” of how good homemade granola can be, I want to try this recipe and this one too!

Granola tips I learned from Julie Hasson-Don’t forget to top your individual portion of granola with hemp seeds for added nutrition. Don’t bake the hemp seeds though (they may lose some of their health benefits), nor mix them in with your full batch of granola, unless you don’t mind sticking the whole batch in the fridge.

Plus, granola always tastes better with chopped bananas or other fresh fruit! That’s a tip from me :]

Next up, homemade veggie burger buns! I halved this recipe and made 6 burger buns. Next time, I’ll only make 5 so they are a bit bigger. The recipe was easy to follow and the buns turned out perfectly (although a little lopsided-my fault!). They aren’t too dense and they are suuuper soft! Plus, they are topped with sesame seeds, which are a good source of calcium, among other nutrients.


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I’m so glad you liked the granola! I agree that the fruits and nuts are totally interchangeable — whatever you have on hand would work out perfectly! I like how simple it is, yet how tasty — not too sweet, not too oily, but just right!

P.S. Those burger buns look great!

Comment by catherine (FOOD SNOB)

Those buns look spectacular! And I agree, granola and bananas are amazing together.

Comment by Carrie

yay for fun granola and stellar soft buns! superhappyface! i have been wanting to make my own buns (i’ve started feeling bad buying the plastic wrapped ones at the store) – i think i’m going to start! thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by jessy

You’ve got gorgeous buns my dear!

Comment by melody

why thank you, melody 😉

Comment by julieannef

ah, granola… and homemade sounds even better!

Comment by ChocolateCoveredVegan

I wish I had some homemade buns…and some of that granola. So are your supposed to store hemp seeds in the fridge? I’ve been storing mine in the cabinet. Oops!

Comment by Bianca- Vegan Crunk

The granola looks delicious – just how I like it with fruit. I also enjoy adding hemp seeds or ground flax to my cereal. Yum!

Comment by LK

Home made granola looks very nutritious! I hate to buy granola from stores as they are so sugary.

Comment by Kumudha

Hey Julie! Everything looks great! I’m diving back in to the blogosphere. Things are still crazy but I’m trying to carve out time for things *I* want to do – yoga, cooking, blogging. I saw your post about going to Prescott – I’ve actually been there – such a cute town. Dh had a project there (the clubhouse at Hassayampa) and we went to the opening. Just wanted to say hi 🙂

Comment by Nancy

yeah, i know about the house dressing, eh? you could pour it on anything and it’d be better. have you tried it on pasta with roasted veggies? or over steamed greens and grains? or on green lentils?
as you can tell, it is one of my great recipe loves.

Comment by jae

I have always wanted to make my own burger buns!!

Oh and this reminds me of being young when my mom used to make homemade granola… I bet your house smelled wonderful!

Comment by Vegan_noodle

There’s nothing better than homemade bread or granola. Your buns turned out great!

Comment by atxvegn

You are much more industrious than I’ll ever be!

Comment by urban vegan

I’ve been meaning to make those buns but I’ve just become too darn lazy and keep buying them. Glad to see another great review though. One of these days!

Comment by Vivacious Vegan

Homemade burger buns are yummy! Love the seeds on top.

Comment by veganhomemade

those burgers buns look so pretty! and thanks for the hempseed tip – I actually had no idea about nutrition loss through cooking, this is good to know…
oh, and that salad (the parsnip one) IS so sweet, I probably should have explicitly mentioned when I posted about it that I only used 1 tbsp of the maple syrup (and might use less next time). But I forgot… oops. It still looks fantastic with that corn!

Comment by Liz²

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