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Food, ETL update and cooking projects
May 19, 2008, 9:58 pm
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Why hello!

So, I must tell you…I have been slacking when it comes to taking pictures of food lately. I just don’t have the motivation I used to (maybe that’s what over 2 years of blogging has done to me?). Anyway, here are a few yummy pics for you.

The first is a totally tomato-y tofu scramble. Tofu scramble isn’t my favorite thing ever, but I do enjoy it now and again. When preparing a scramble, I cube my tofu rather than smooshing it. I don’t like the mouth feel of smooshy scramble. Cubed is the way to be!

Next is the artichoke dip from the Everyday Dish blog, recipe courtesy of Brian Igarta. HOLY CRAP! Go make this now. It is the best ‘choke dip ever, vegan or otherwise. The part I love best about this dip? It has no tofu! It has no Vegenaise! It has no Tofutti product of any kind! Lovely, versatile cashews give this dip a creamy, dreamy texture.

Pictureless dishes I have made lately include Catherine’s version of sloppy lentils and ED&BV Spelt Crepes with Celestial Cream. Matt devoured those sloppy lentils on ww buns (he had two sammiches)! I really wanted to love this dish, but I think I am still traumatized by the millions of sloppy joes my mom fed me as a kid. You must give Catherine’s recipe a try, though. Just take a peek at the comments for the ETL contest.

I made ED&BV Spelt Crepes with Celestial Cream on Momma’s Day for my mom and grandmother. They loved them!! Of course so did my grandpa, my little brother and myself! I actually did try taking a pic of my granny eating the crepes, but something weird was up with the camera and the pic didn’t take. So just picture this being eaten by a sweet old lady. :]

So…Eat to Live… Well, I guess technically I failed the plan miserably. I just couldn’t take the restrictions. Or maybe it was my mind knowing that I was on a “diet?” Either way, a lot of good has come from my ETL research. I have been inspired to concentrate more on whole foods in my diet and less on processed stuff in boxes. I also am exercising more (walks outside and swimming). I believe this is the happy medium for me. Thank you for all of your support! I promise that those ETL friendly recipes won’t go to waste.

Finally, since I have proclaimed this The Summer of Julie (more on that in a later blog post), I will spend even more time in the kitchen. In addition to making our old standbys and new recipes, I want to embark on some cooking “projects”. I am talking lots of from scratch stuff that takes a little more time in the kitch then I am used to.

These are my ideas so far:

Homemade bread

Homemade cornbread

Homemade burger buns

Homemade veggie stock

Making tons of beans from dried and freezing them

Granola (ED&BV?)



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Oh no! I’m sorry to hear the sloppy lentils weren’t a home run for you — but glad Matt liked them. I guess if you’ve never liked sloppy joes, they wouldn’t do it for ya. The flavors are pretty close to the real thing!!

Hooray for time planned in the kitchen! I have great homemade bread and cornbread recipes, if you want resources.

I have also been cooking/freezing my beans lately, and it’s quite easy. Invest in some one- and two-cup containers, and you’ll be set! (Two cups is just a smidge bigger than a regular can of beans, which most recipes call for. I like to make things easy on meself!)

Comment by catherine (FOOD SNOB)

Sounds like good plans! Thanks for the crepe and dip tips. I’m on it.

Comment by trina

I love homemade bread, but I love homemade beans even more! I think you’ll have fun cooking your own beans. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on them and they are sooo much better than canned. I have some green kidney beans to try out!

Comment by aTxVegn

Make falafel! We must fill the interwebs with pictures of falafel.

Comment by poopiebitch

I’m with you on the smooshy scramble. Firm tofu = much happier CCV.
Hehe I love the title “The Summer of Julie”. Too cute. I need to spend more time in the kitchen this summer, too. There are so many recipes I want to get around to making.
By the way, I noticed I don’thave you on my blogroll. May I add you?

Comment by ChocolateCoveredVegan

oooh, I’ve got to try that artichoke dip!! Like your kitchen plans…. keep us posted! 🙂

Comment by vicki

Hey Julie! Everything looks so good!!

I’m really glad you liked the artichoke dip. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?!

Comment by Julie Hasson

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