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One sick vegan :(
November 11, 2007, 2:29 pm
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Hello all!

I haven’t been doing very well with posting because on Friday I got the most horrible version of the stomach flu out there! ewwww I am still feeling really weak and I haven’t eaten any solid foods yet.

So…help a girl out! What should I try to eat first?


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rice – white+cooked – LOTS of rice, it stops the symptoms AND cures; mild herbal teas like peppermint, no sweetener; potatoes, peeled+cooked, no added fat, no sauce, seasoned with fresh herbs or little salt; NO alcohol, cigarettes, pills, drugs; NO spices, NO chili; white toast, but only if you are 100% positive not having problems with gluten; NO soda, NO cola, NO ice cream, NO sweets; bananas, fresh, lots of them, they stop the symptoms too; NO cold or too hot drinks, drink warm stuff all the time; check if you did not eat accidentally food containing dairy, most vegans cannot digest lactose; if the symptoms do not go away CHECK with a doctor;

Comment by anonymous

Cindy Loo’s fake chicken soup (I think it’s in La Dolce Vegan).

Comment by vegyogini

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