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Eating, Drinking and Being Vegan!
October 17, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I’ve decided to start a rating scale for all of the recipes I make out of ED&BV. The rating scale will help me remember which recipes I need to repeat and hopefully help you all decide which recipes to start with first 🙂

First up: Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas 5/5 stars

Here they are sitting atop some Roasted Vegetable Pizza from TJ’s (mine finally carries vegan pizza! yay). They are sooo good. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like them because I am like a kid and need my beans mashed in hummus or mixed with something. However they were quite tasty… success!


Here they are again, but this time mashed into Goddess Garbanzos. This was yummy and a great snack to have with these little round rice crackers (also from TJs). Oh, and I didn’t have celery, so grated carrots made a good sub.

Goddess Garbanzos 5/5 stars


Cumin Lime Tofu 4/5 stars

Good, but next time I’ll make double the marinade and pan fry the ‘fu for extra crispiness. Also, I didn’t have pumpkin seeds, so I left them out. That may have been a big part of what was missing for me in this recipe.

Coconut Lime Basmati Rice 5/5 stars

Fabulous. Coconut-y. Lime-y.


Cashew Banana Ice Cream 5/5 star

YUM! Very creamy, smooth and no ice cream maker required 🙂


Also made in Julie’s Kind Kitchen, but not pictured:

Warm and Cheezy White Bean Dip 3.5/5

Too nutritional yeasty for me. I think the White Bean Hummus will be more to my liking.

Peanut Banana Tortilla Turnovers with Molassa-Sauce 5/5

Incredibly good, yet so simple and decadent.

Un-ED&BV related, I got Ani Phyo’s book! I have read it over and I really like it so far. Hopefully, I will be posting pictures from her book as well.


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Love the rating system- they all look like 5 stars to me!

Comment by VKO-Lifestyles of the Chic & Vegan

I HIGHLY recommend the White Bean Spread, from ED&BV – it’s divine, and not “nutritional yeasty” at all (thank goodness). I haven’t tried the PB-Banana turnovers, Tamari Roasted Chickpeas, or the Banana-Cashew ice cream yet, but I have those recipes marked with post-it notes; and after your stellar reviews on them, I will DEFINITELY be trying them soon!! :0)

Comment by VeggieGirl

This book is killing me! I can’t put it down. Great recipe reviews!

Comment by VegMomma

Great to have the rating system. I must try out the Tamari Roasted Chick Peas.

Comment by Jackie

Ooh, everything looks so good! The Peanut Banana Tortilla Turnovers with Molasses-Sauce sound AMAZING!

Comment by melisser

Thanks everyone! VeggieGirl-I will try that spread, thanks so much for the recommendation. melisser-they are so simple, yet so yummy 🙂

Comment by julieannef

Everything looks so good! I could especially go for some of that ice cream right now- yours looks so smooth and creamy. I love the rating system too, I should try it too, to try to force my palate to be a bit more discriminating!

Comment by bazu

Great photos… everything looks so good! Especially the Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas! I need to get that book, if only for the Cashew Banana Ice Cream recipe. 🙂

Comment by Jenny

Oh My! You have been doing what I have been desiring to do (jumping into Dreena’s new cookbook). Everything looks great!

Comment by Dori

Thank you for the reviews! My copy of ED&BV finally arrived yesterday, so I have some catching up to do!

Comment by vegyogini

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