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Everyday Dish DVD Review
July 19, 2007, 11:49 pm
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I finally am the proud owner of a copy of Everyday Dish!! I used to be a Food Network addict (when we had a tv), so this dvd is a dream come true for me.

First, let me start off by saying that these women are spectacular! Not only are they good cooks, but they are über cute (was I the only one that noticed that Julie Hasson could be a super model??), charismatic and fun to watch.


Next, there are so may quality recipes presented on this dvd, I think it’s worth well over the asking price. Seriously! Not only do you get the recipes, but you get a step by step video demonstration! Some of those recipes I would never think of making with the recipe alone (Chicken Cutlets), but with the demo they seems doable.


I brought my Mom some of Julie’s Deli Soup (with variations) on Saturday because she just got back from a hospital stay for intestinal problems. She loved the gesture and the soup. Also, my 8 year old brother had a huge bowl and said, “This is homemade? It’s sooooo good!!” I couldn’t believe it! He’s a super picky eater.

Deli Soup packed up for Mom

Here’s my bowl of soup (hey, I wanted to try it too!!) with added tofu.

Deli Soup w/ added ‘fu

Next I made the “Chicken” Cutlets, Bryanna’s recipe. OH MY! These were soooo good. I can’t praise these enough. Make these now. I had them Art Style.

“Chicken” Cutlets in a BBQ Sammich

Lastly, since I felt so bad about Matt not getting to eat the yuminess that is the “Chicken” Cutlets, I made something soy-free for him, Dreena’s Chickpea Sensation Patties. I had to try these right out of the pan and yuummmmy. I’ll have to sneak a few for myself :] Matt has yet to try them, so I’ll report back on that later…

Chickpea Sensation Patties


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Cool- I’ve heard so much about this video, can’t wait to see what you make from it! You are right, chicken cutlets is just something that I’m not confident enough to make!

p.s. how did the brain dissection go? (EW) Were you able to get out of it ok?

Comment by bazu

Hi bazu! So, I actually made ::drum roll please:: the chicken cutlets, deli soup and chickpea sensation patties all this weekend! I haven’t tried the patties yet-but the other two are freaking out of this world!!

I was able to get out of the brain dissection, but little did I know a heart dissection is coming up soon-ugh! Only 2 more weeks and this stupid class is over!!

Comment by julieannef

i gotta get this!!!

Comment by K

Hey Julie!

The new blog format is cool…

Thanks for your post and sharing your thoughts on the dvd and experience with the recipes. I still haven’t made those cutlets myself – I plan to, now that I’m not recipe testing all the time. I think Bryanna really is the queen of faux meats! (and much more)!

And on a girly note 🙂 yes, Julie is very beautiful, and has the most amazing smile!

Comment by Dreena

“Art Style!” Thanks for giving him a shout-out! Those sandwiches rock, and I still need to try the Sensation Patties – they look great! 🙂

Comment by vicki

Yes, those chicken cutlets of Bryanna’s are fantastic! I have already made 2 batches of them. I always get 18 patties and I cook them in 3 pans so they do not overlap. I will have to give dreena’s a try! Love the Julie’s Kind Kitchen!

Comment by Sheree

You are one mean cooking machine! Sorry to hear about the dissections, how must unfotunate- I’m sure in this day and age they excused you right?

Comment by VKO from Lifestyles of the Chic & Vegan

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Comment by Floyd Pearson

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