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Some food and a rant…
July 15, 2007, 7:45 pm
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Hello all!

I just got done cooking for 2 hours straight and here’s what I made:

vwaw corn chowder

vwaw corn chowder

pasta and homemade sauce

pasta and homemade sauce

tofu dill sandwich filling

tofu dill sandwich filling

The corn chowder and tofu dill sandwich filling are from vwav and the sauce is a variation of the one Joni posted on her blog. I also made some insanely rich (and insanely good) chocolate pudding from a recipe I found by Julie Hasson. Sorry, no picture of that one-but, I figured you all know what chocolate pudding looks like.

The spaghetti and the chowder will be dinner for Matt and I this week and I will take the tofu dill sandwich filling on some crusty bread to work for my lunches. I have been incredibly busy lately, working 9-3PM and then go to school from 5:30-9PM. Sheeesh. Oh, well-the class is almost over anyway.

Speaking of this class, it’s anatomy and for some reason I have to take it before starting my graduate classes in social work. I am super pissed that I have to take it already(why??), but then I found out last week we are dissecting a lamb’s brain on Tuesday. Looks like I’ll have the rest of the night free after lecture that day, since there’s NO way I will be participating.

Hope everyone is having a great summer…seems like it’s coming to an end fast!


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Nice new look! i’m updating you now. Well done!! i really want some of that chowder! SO GOOD!!!

Comment by K

Oh no! Summer is still going strong! We’re only half way thru… just ignore the back-to-school sales and all…

Nice new blog you have. Great looking stuff!

Comment by Tofu-n-sprouts

is there an alternative assignment you can do, stating, i don’t know, religous reasons?

Comment by Joni

thanks, ladies.

joni-it’s weird cause you don’t actually have to turn anything in for the labs (so i won’t lose points), you just have to take a quiz over them. strangely enough, the quiz info is always in the book. so, yeah. if that makes sense.

Comment by julieannef

I have to check out this CD. In addition to their cooking talents, their good looks are also a great advertisiment for a good healthy vegan diet.

Comment by urban vegan

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