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I’ve decided to create a new blog. No more Sweet & Sour Life. I am a different person and surely a different, more experienced (I hope) cook. 😉

Here’s a few things I’ve made since we last talked:

homemade gnocchi with lower fat pesto and garlic knots

homemade gnocchi with lower fat pesto and garlic knots

The gnocchi recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance and the garlic knots recipe is from The Damn Tasty Vegan Baking Guide. The pesto is a recipe from yellowroserecipes blog. Everything was good, but the standout was the pesto. Soooo good and low fat too?! Matt doesn’t usually go for pesto because it’s “too strong” but he enjoyed this pesto very much.

brownie bites and oatmeal drizzles

oatmeal drizzles and brownie bites

The brownie bites are a modified version of a raspberry chocolate cookie to appear in Veganomican when it comes out. They alone are worth getting the book. Trust me! The oatmeal drizzles are another one from The Damn Tasty Vegan Baking Guide. They were fabulous!! Matt and I ate SO many.

crispy sweet and sour seitan

crispy sweet and sour seitan

This is a lolo recipe. I am sure you are all familiar to her blog Vegan Yum Yum. This was a great recipe…and the sauce…OH the sauce….yum.

crepes with bluberry sauce and frosting

crepes with bluberry sauce and frosting

The crepe recipe is from Bryanna Clark-Grogan. It is posted on The Everyday Dish website. I’ve never made crepes before and yummmm, they were good. I would like to find another recipe, though, only because Matt is allergic to soy 😦

no queso quesadillas

no queso quesadillas

Last, but certainly not least, these queso-less quesadillas are from http://pakupaku.info/. I love this website and of course the recipe was an A+. I opted to leave out the corn though. Maybe I’ll add it in next time. Also, they are on my favorite tortillas from Ezekiel 4:9.

Lastly, this fabulous (brand new) Mat & Nat purse is still for sale.


Happy 4th of July and Canada Day!


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that crispy sweet and sour seitan looks like a real crowd pleaser!

Comment by madeinalaska

Everything looks so yum! I’m enjoying your new blog. Oooh, I want to try those garlic knots from Kris’ book, too. Even though it’s just breakfast time.

I posted a crepe recipe on my blog you might like. It does have 1/4 cup soymilk, but that could easily be replaced by another milk or water.

Comment by bazu

julee-It sure is! The sauce is the best part, imo.

bazu- Thanks! I will for sure check out your crepe recipe. Matt thanks you in advance :]

Comment by julieannef

Wow, you are making some good stuff! Those cookies look good, I can’t wait for all the testing to be over and for these books to come out!

Comment by Tania

Cool- I like the new blog. Doesn’t it feel great to feel like a new person! Everything you made looks awesome. Was the gnocchi hard to make? I’m always intimidated by it, especially after this one disastrous experience…

Comment by Teresa

best of luck with your new blog…food looks as good as ever!

Comment by urban vegan

Very nice, I like the new digs. And all that food looks good. This is the second blog I’ve read today that had gnocci in it- I have to eat some!

There is a function in WordPress that will import all of your blogspot posts with literally the click of a button. Then you can still have your archive!

Comment by krispycheks

Thanks tania and urban vegan!

Teresa-I am not gonna lie-it was a little bit labor intensive, not hard, just time consuming.

kris-Thanks for the info!! I will look for that function.

Comment by julieannef

Very cool new blog. I love all the recope ideas and awesome pictures. Keep it up!

Comment by Tofu-n-sprouts

your new blog is so sophisticated and pretty!

i like it alot. i updated my links. YAY!

Comment by Joni

Thanks tofu and joni!

Comment by julieannef

hi there!
I’m enjoying your blog! Do you have “Vegan With A Vengence”? There is a crepe recipe in there that’s GREAT. It’s actually for dinner crepes, but I”m not interested in that… on the other hand, give me a crepe filled with jam and I’ll gobble it right up! The VWaV crepes are soy-free and OUT OF THIS WORLD! Since I’m making them for breakfast or dessert, I cut the salt in half, otherwise just use the same recipe.

Comment by amey

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