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Weekend Munchies!
October 15, 2006, 11:12 am
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Yesterday wonderful Leslie let me know about the HUGE sale going on at our local co-op. They are moving to a new location, so yesterday they had 25% off of all of their produce and perishables. oh boy! I made a killing. Well, today I decided to go back (since it’s their last day before the move) to see if they had lowered their prices any more. They had! 40% off all produce and perishables!

Here’s what I got:
(As you can see-there wasn’t much produce left when I got there.)

3 Amy’s Roasted Veggie Pizzas (I have wanted to try these for FOREVER, but they are always so expensive!)
Ezekiel 4:9 Buns
Naked Green Machine
Earth Balance sticks
frozen organic peppers
two containers fresh organic raw salsa
Amy’s Cali Burgers
Medjool Dates
Southwest Sunshine Burgers (sooo good! thanks, Les)
Kumbucha drink (for Matt)
Organic Valley Mild Cheddar

Total= $39.00

Not bad!


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Wow you sure did score big time! I’ve always been interested in trying that Amy’s pizza also. Please let un know if it’s any good!


Comment by maybepigscanfly

Teresa: I actually had it right when I got home from the co-op. It was goooood!

Comment by Julie

Way to score! I love that Amy’s pizza, too — it’s so different, but SOOOOOOO fantastic!

Comment by Catherine

What a score. I should post mine too. This is great stuff although I’ll miss the “old” co-op. Knowing me, I’ll probably hate it at first just because it is the new place, and I’m sure it will be better and nicer. I have to get better at getting used to change! We should meet up THERE!

Comment by Eat Peace Please

Catherine: I agree–it has such a different taste…but, a good different taste.

Les-Yes-post what you got–I wanna see! I’m game for meeting up at the New co-op. Just tell me when!

Comment by Julie

I am so jealous of all this co-op wonderfulness. I might have to start one were I live since there are none close by that I know. So jealous.


Comment by b36Kitchen

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