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Tofu Scramble & *Secret* Test Recipe
October 4, 2006, 9:54 pm
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Today was a day of a lot of cooking! For brunch (when I got home from work at 1:20PM –Is that still brunch? LOL) , I made Tofu Scramble from the PPK. It was really good. Especially good since I actually followed the recipe this time and had all of the correct spices! For a late dinner, I made Baked Potato & Green Soup with Potato Wedge Croutons, which is a tester recipe from Isa and Terry’s upcoming book. Mmmmm… good. I haven’t had potato soup in I don’t know how long and this really hit the spot!


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Hi! I have bloglines now so I will visit more! PPK’s Tofu Scramble…I like the salsa version the best. 😉

Comment by Harmonia

Where’s all the photos? What happened?

Comment by Eat Peace Please

yum. I like how yellow yours looks!

Comment by jess (of Get Sconed!)

Hi Harmonia!! oh, yes–I love salsa on it too!

Les-You should be able to see the soup photo–but, the tofu scramble photo wouldn’t upload last night–I’ll try again today.

Jess-Yum for sure!

Comment by Julie

Ooh, now I see the soup. Looks great Julie.

Comment by Eat Peace Please

Can you beleive it’s raining…?! And thundering?!? YAY

Comment by Eat Peace Please

i love potato soup – it’s so satisfying. what happened with the dates?

Comment by Vicki

Vicki-I agree. The date post is under this newer post. 🙂

Comment by Julie

Hey Julie! I haven’t been stopping by blogs much lately, either. All of your food looks so tasty, especially that potato soup with the giant seasoned french-fry crouton! Yum. I make date bars at my house, too — and I agree, way better than LaraBars! (But LaraBars are still the best prepackaged snack out there, in my humble opinion.)

Comment by Catherine

potato croutons…I bet those are good!

Comment by Megan the Vegan

Lookin’ good. I have not to date had an Isa recipe that wasn’t excellent.

Comment by Urban Vegan

Hi Catherine! Thanks for the compliments. I agree that Lara Bara are for sure the best pre-packaged energy-type bar.

Megan-They were good! I want to cut the tatos thinner next time–and make french fries w/ the same recipe!

Urban Vegan-So true!

Comment by Julie

Wow that potato soup looks so good!

Comment by Tracy

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