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The Great Date
October 3, 2006, 11:23 pm
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So, with inspiration from both Leslie and this post by the Fat Free Vegan, I’ve made something great with my locally-grown organic Medjool Dates. I used Leslie’s base recipe for her bars of: dates, honey (she uses agave nectar) and oatmeal. For the first batch, I just mashed together the base recipe ingredients (no blender or food processor needed-yay!), formed the ingredients into balls, and then rolled them in coconut. For the second batch, I added raw sunflower seeds and almond butter to the base recipe mixture. Oh boy!! These were so awesome! They were a perfect snack to take over to Matt’s brother’s house tonight for some Nip/Tuck watching (we don’ have a TV).

The reason the Lara Bars are in the picture is because they used to be my favorite snack…until I made these. Don’t get me wrong, Lara Bars are great…but these are much more fresh tasting (Matt agrees) and a lot cheaper!

Bonus: Dates are a good source of fiber and potassium. Woo-hoo!


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Your date balls look great. I don’t know if you remember my almond oat balls from back in Feb or so but these look like them, but with dates! I’m glad it was a success, Julie.

Lara bar used to be my favorite pre-made processed, least-ingredient snack. Now these are too.

Comment by Eat Peace Please

Wow–what balls! I mean, what date balls. They look amazing.

Comment by Urban Vegan

Has Nip/Tuck started? Maybe it’s different in the States, but I have been waiting all summer for the new season to start. Get on with it already!

Comment by Judy

Les-Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks Urban Vegan!

Judy-The first episode was a couple of weeks ago here in the US. It’s a good season so far…hopefully, you will be able to watch it soon!!

Comment by Julie

Cool ! I just blogged about Medjool dates. I love them so much 🙂

Comment by Gaia

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