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Well, I haven’t been cooking too much lately, but …
September 24, 2006, 6:14 pm
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Well, I haven’t been cooking too much lately, but here are some recent pics…

(1) black bean & spinach enchiladas w/ arugala salad and chips w/ guac

(2) pb apple bars from the new cookbook by isa & terry–The recipe is on the forum if you want to try them. Caution: Use a different crust. The one in the recipe is still being tweeked by Isa and by the current directions/ingredients it’s really crumbly.
I made tacos tonight, so I might post a pic of them tomorrow.


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Oh! You chanced the spinach, just kidding. 😉 Everything looks wonderful…sounds like you have been busy but also have had some fun doing so…

Comment by Harmonia

I’ll have to look at the ppk boards to find the pb apple bar recipe. They look fantastic. Thanks for the tip on the crust.

Comment by Jennifer C.

Mmmm enchiladas! Those peanut butter bars look really interesting haha, I was wondering what the green was until I saw the apple part.. duh!

Comment by theONLYtania

Love yer new photo there… and the food looks scrumptious!!

Comment by KleoPatra

dinner looks awesome!

Comment by Vicki

Harmonia-It was frozen–hope it’s ok!?

No prob, Jennifer. Yes, for sure use a different crust.

Tania-hehe green apples, yes!

Thanks, Kleo! It is of me & my cousin, Adelaide.

Thanks Vicki!!

Comment by Julie

peanut butter bars….you speak my language

Comment by Megan the Vegan

enchiladas and a frosty mug..
wow ..my kinda dinner for sure!!

Comment by madeinalaska

Enchiladas! Wow–you’re an amazing chef. When I as 22, I didn’t even know what an enchilda was.

Comment by Urban Vegan

Peanut butter apple bars, sounds yum. And that dinner–I love southwest/tex-mex flavors and all that, so it really jumps out at me. ‘Specially with a Corona in a frosted mug and a lime wedge… 🙂

Comment by laura jesser

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments!!

Hopefully, I’ll have another post coming soon!

Comment by Julie

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