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It’s Been Awhile…
September 13, 2006, 12:21 pm
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Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I have been really busy with school and work…so, that means nothing too great in the way of cooking. I have been reading everyones blogs, but I haven’t had the chance to comment on a lot of them. Don’t worry…I still love you and your blogs!

Well, I know I was tagged by Leslie awhile back for listing my 5 Foods. So, here it goes…

Five Foods Everyone Should Try At least Once

(1) dark chocolate
(2) avocados
(3) berries (any and all)
(4) hummus
(5) artichokes
Oh, and I almost forgot!! I went to San Diego over Labor Day weekend and had a blast! Thanks to all of those who gave me suggestions on where to eat. We actually only made it out to one vegetarian place, Kung Food. We had the weekend breakfast buffet and it was quite good.

[The first pic is Matt and I at the Aerospace Museum. The second pic is Matt, me and Matt’s brother Danny at the beach.]


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Julie, glad you got to KUNG FOOD. I am a huge fan… Love seein’ San Diego here. YAY! Hope you had a blast. Looks like ya did…

Comment by KleoPatra

Your trip sounds like fun. I heard about Kung Food from Kleo. I’m glad we live just a short drive to SD (and real non-man-made water). It’s good to see you posting again. I’ve been drooling for a week just seeing that banana bread!

Comment by EatPeacePlease

Welcome back! Hope school is going well. Your trip seems like it was a nice getaway!

Comment by Urban Vegan

Thanks to all for the nice comments!

Hopefully there will be food posts sooner than later…

Comment by Julie

ahhh, so you went to balboa park. georgous! i know kleo is a big kung food fan. how’s school going?

Comment by Vicki

vicki-I llloovee cali–so much more to look at than AZ! School is great [besides the loads of work :]), thanks for asking!

Comment by Julie

It makes me remember I must post this meme as well, thanks to Isil. It isn’t so easy to make choices as I love many things, my Meme could be the same as yours, even if it won’t be (I’m fond of sharon fruits too)

Comment by Virginie

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