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Next Day Rice (or Other Grain) Patties
August 8, 2006, 12:33 am
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Well, Matt and I just returned from our trip to California (we stayed both in San Diego & the Laguna Beach area). We had a great time, except for the fact that we had to make a visit to the ER because Matt got beat up by the beach while boogie bording. 😦 Poor Matt! He’s ok now–thank goodness.

For our first meal back, I made these Next Day Rice (or Other Grain) Patties from The Everyday Vegan. I didn’t have leftover rice…so, I made some especially for this recipe. I chose this recipe because Matt likes veggie burgers made without soy. Soy seems to be giving him stomach troubles. Anybody else have this problem?

Anyway, these burgers were a hit and I will surely make them again soon. I loved the flavor the tahini and hoisin sauce give them. Yum! Thanks for another winner, Dreena!


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sandwich looks great! we don’t have physical problems w/ soy around here but, i try not to cook a lot of it..so this looks like a good alternative
I think i must get this book, lot o people post recipes from it and they all have rave reviews..

Comment by madeinalaska

madeinalaska- you must must get both The Everyday Vegan & Vive le Vegan…they are both wonderful!

Comment by Julie

Hey, you were here and i missed ya!! Hope you had a blast. I mean, how can you not have a blast in San Diego!? What kinds of stuff did you do here, besides spend time in the surf and on the sand??

Speaking of sand… as in wiches… your sandwiches look wonderful. I love that you made soy burgers like this. I don’t have a problem with soy, but i have a cast-iron stomach and eat pretty much with reckless abandon…

Comment by KleoPatra

kleo- yeah, Cali was fun! We went to Knotts Berry Farm, two different beaches, and spent time with my boyfriends cousins and aunt and uncle.

Comment by Julie

LOVE san diego & laguna – sounds like you had a great time. yummy looking sandwiches – whata great cookbook.

Comment by Vicki

Too much soy bothers me and I eat a lot (and no dairy ever). I try to use nut milks and products occasionally and have oat milk in cereal. Too much soy can cause certain ailments, and men and women vary (well, all people really).

Comment by EatPeacePlease

Too much soy sometimes bothers my stomach. My friend is veg too, and she has the same problem. Especially if you go overboard on the soy dream ice cream- not a good idea! lol…

Comment by karen

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