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Back with Restaurant Reviews
June 21, 2006, 9:22 pm
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So, I know it has been forever–again. I have just been so busy with family stuff, a new (2nd) job, and a new apartment. Whew. I am exhausted just thinking about everything!

Since we have been so busy–I really haven’t cooked anything “blog-worthy.” We have been eating out a lot though…so, I thought I could blog about some of my favorite places to eat in the Tempe/Phoenix area. I know only a few of you live in AZ, but I figured this post could be useful to someone visiting AZ anytime soon.

In no particular order, here are my TOP FIVE!!

(1) Green

Ok, I lied. This is #1 in my book. They have sandwiches, pizza, salads & everything is VEGAN. You gotta love that! Two favorites: the argentine po boy & the “green” burger–both with thyme fries & vegan ranch! *Bonus* The same people that own green run a wonderful lunch spot called That’s a Wrap. It is surely one of my favs also–but, hey–I couldn’t give them TWO spots on the TOP FIVE!

(2) Thai Basil

I actually just ate here for the 1st time today…but, it makes it into the TOP 5! The outside of this restaurant is deceiving…it is actually a very classy place with a nice decor on the inside. Vegetarian selections include: Pad Thai Tofu, Curry Tofu, Eggplant Tofu, Sweet and Sour Tofu, and Garlic Vegetables, plus others. I am not sure if any of these are vegan, so please ASK.

(3) Flavors of India

This is my fav Indian food place. They have a great and affordable buffet for lunch that always has tons of vegetarian items (again, I am not sure about vegan items, ASK). They also are super nice there and if something is not labeled as vegetarian (most always are), they are happy to help.

(4) Moe’s Southwestern Grill

This place wins the award for “the best place to take omnis & keep everyone happy”. Vegetarians can sub tofu for any meat, they make everything when you order it & they have yummy frozen margaritas! If you are vegan, omit the cheese and the sour cream.

(5) The Mediterranean House

This place has a special portion of their menu labeled “vegetarian selections” (again, I am not sure about vegan items, ASK) so there is no guessing. The lady that runs the place is a doll and if you go there once, she’ll remember you forever!

Well, I hope these reviews will be helpful to you. I tried to pick a variety of cuisines and areas around the valley.

Hopefully, there will be some food related posts coming up soon!?


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Yay, I’m glad to see you back and posting! I agree, Green is #1. I could eat the artichoke dip everyday and I love the Jerk TOfu Salad with jamacian jungle dressing. I think that place is wonderful. I also like Taco del Mar and get “The Vegan” and the Pita Jungle.

Ray and I went to Moes once after drooling over the website. We went in and (that day) it was dirty, workers were uninformed, and we just left without ordering. Maybe I’ll try it again now. I’ve also never heard of the Med. House. Have you gone to the Vegetarian House?

Comment by EatPeacePlease

There really is no comparing when it comes to Green! I’ll have to try that salad–sounds good!

oh, I forgot about Pita Jungle!! Taco del Mar is good as well.

Hmm..I might try Moe’s one more time…maybe it was an off day for them? Which location did you go to? I’ve never really had a problem there & their food is pretty tasty.

The Med. House is very close to where I work, so I have been there a lot. You should try it–if your on that side of town. It’s at 16th Street & Bethany Home Rd. You might want to look at their menu 1st though, to make sure there are vegan options.

Comment by Julie

Green just sounds like heaven to me! I have ben veggie for ages but yet I am unsure I have ever been to a totally vegan restaurant…
Maybe one bhuddist chinese place I used to go to before I moved miles away, but to be honest I am not sure…

Anyhow, now that I am hungry (this single second!), I would love to open their door and order half their menu. The only thing I need to do now is to invent teletransport!

Comment by t.

t.~I know this post is a tease for those that don’t live in AZ…I guess you will just have to take a vacation to AZ! My advice: Just don’t come during the summer!

Comment by Julie

Yeah, don’t come during the summer. Come in the winter where it’s freezing wherever anyone else is and it’s nice and sunny and a pleasant 75 degrees F.

Comment by EatPeacePlease

Nice new photo! Great to see you post again, by the way.

I have friends in Arizona (Tucson and outside of Phoenix) and now i know at least five places to check out!

And as you and Leslie know… the time to visit Arizona is definitely AFTER October!!!

Comment by KleoPatra

thnx, Kleo! I am glad to finally be posting again! Hopefully, it will continue.

Glad the info helped you!!

Comment by Julie

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