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Grilled Veggie Sammy and Polenta
April 10, 2006, 9:14 pm
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So today’s dinner was a simple sammy with: a grilled portabella mushroom, spinach, roasted red pepper, Veganasie, and mustard on whole grain bread. I know, it’s not anything special, but it’s easy and good! The real reason I posted today was because I need to know about Polenta. I got some ready-made in a tube at Trader Joe’s today, because I’ve been wondering about it. I just grilled up a few slices as a side to my sammy (not sure if polenta goes w/ sandwiches, but, oh well!). It’s was pretty good-but definetely needs something added to it or something.

So, what do you all know about polenta…and how do you use it?


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I’m with you on the polenta, Julie. I buy the ready-made packages too, and I find them just ‘ok’ (though your polenta from Trader Joe’s looks far better than the brand I get). Anyhow, I have pan-fried it, and still thought it was just alright. Now, I am testing some other ways to use polenta, because I just think there has to be better ways to use it! I’ve come up with one casserole that is quite good, and I’m still working through other ideas. Your sandwich looks delish, btw! 🙂

Comment by Dreena

Hey Julie. Being vegetarian most of my life I have been scared (for some reason) to try polenta. It looks weird to me until a few weeks ago when I saw a wonderful recipe w/photo in Delicious Living Magazine (free at the co-op) http://www.deliciouslivingmag.com

It only calls for a small amount of polenta, but once you see these photos, you will think it’s amazing. I just need to get some cornmeal… and polenta!

1t + 1T canola oil
1.5c fresh or frozen corn kernels
2T chopped shallots
1/4t dried thyme
1t Italian parsley
1-19oz can chickpeas
1c French bread crumbs
2T fine cornmeal
1t salt
2T minced red bell pepper
2t polenta (coarse cornmeal)
1/4c fresh lemon juice
1/2c olive oil (holy #$%!)
ground pepper, taste
1 5oz bag arugula leaves

This could use modification but cooks up and looks just like other patties. I’d add more polenta, but seriously, check out the photo it looks amazing. Well worth me typing out this whole thing for 2 teaspoons of polenta!

Comment by EatPeacePlease

oh! I am so glad you are working on recipes w/ polenta, Dreena! I can’t wait! I saw online that you can fry up some polenta and top it w/ maple syrup for breakfast-if I get brave I might try this.

Leslie-Thanks for the recipe! Although, I already have the kind in a tube…but that does sound good enough to buy the cornmeal!

Comment by Julie

I have a tube I’ve been meaning to use for a long time – I plan on either making polenta veggie napoleons (grilled polenta, mushrooms, eggplant, red pepper..) topped with a tomato sauce or mini polenta pizza type things..I’ve had the tube for months..so I should probably use it soon : )

Comment by jess (of Get Sconed!)

I have yet to try polenta, but this sounds like a great meal-like you said, simple yet good. I love portabellas!

Comment by KaiVegan

I cooked with polenta for the first time recently and made a polenta tamale pie. The next day left-overs were even better when we put it in tacos. I did a post w/a recipe…just search polenta on my blog & you’ll get it.

Comment by Vicki

Jess-Can’t wait to see how the polenta veggie napoleons turn out!

Kai-I looove portabellas also!

Vicki-I am going to find the polenta tamale pie on your blog right now! Thanks!

Comment by Julie

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