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Pad Thai cont.
March 8, 2006, 1:27 pm
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Here’s a picture of the Brooklyn Pad Thai from VwaV that I made on Sunday. (See a few posts down)


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Yum to this pad thai. I like your “salad” bowl, that’s super-cute!

Comment by EatPeacePlease

ahaha. Matt’s Gma found it at a thrift store and gave it to me. What Julie would give that bowl up!?

Comment by Julie

Wow, and I thought you made that bowl! Your pad thai made me want to have some!

Comment by KaiVegan

I thought you made it when you were 8-yrs old or something! Cool find though.

Comment by EatPeacePlease

hehe-Nope, I didn’t make it. It’s kind of funny/sad, though. His grandma said, “I knew you would love this bowl because not only does it have your name on it–but, it says ‘Julie’s SALAD’ and you’re a vegetarian!”

heh. That’s all we eat, right?

Comment by Julie

I hate the “do you just eat salad” line.

Comment by EatPeacePlease

That looks remarkably good! I’m intimidated by the recipe myself, but I love pad thai.

Comment by jess (of Get Sconed!)

Super-duper yummy looking Pad Thai…I had some for lunch…but it came from a carton…nuff said.

On another topic…I just saw the movie CRASH. It was awesome & I need to see it again…better yet, own it. I notice that it is one of your favorites…guess we’re not alone! LOL! :o)

Thanks for visiting me.

Comment by Vicki

This looks MARV!

Comment by Harmonia

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