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The Beast aka Brooklyn Pad Thai
March 5, 2006, 2:22 pm
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Since I’m back on the cooking wagon, I made the Brooklyn Pad Thai from Vegan w/ a Vengeance. The finished product was yummy, but getting there was a pain. When I was cooking the tofu in boiling hot peanut oil, some of the oil splashed up on my arm. Ouch!! I have a big mark now. 😦 Plus, for whatever reason , I decided to ignore the directions (which say to cook it in two batches) and I cooked it all at the same time. Let me just say, a pound of pasta is hard to control. Everything barely fit in our huge wok! My kitchen is a friggin’ mess now…but oh well. I have tons of yummy pad thai for the entire week!

As far as the recipe goes, I couldn’t find lemongrass nor dried chilis (maybe I didn’t look hard enough?), so those weren’t included. Also, I used spelt soba noodles instead of rice noodles-cause I didn’t see rice noodles and the soba noodles were cheap!

I will be posting a picture later-Matt has his camera w/ him right now.

If you can’t wait–check out this pic, which is from the same recipe, but made by someone else. Mine looks more or less like this. http://static.flickr.com/44/107228164_c65c6c9037.jpg


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Hey Julie. I am pretty sure you can get lemongrass at the co-op. If not, try WFM, but I think the co-op has some (on the very right side of the store, where the bulk herbs are).

As for dried chilis, you can even get those at Fry’s (if you dare to)or for sure WFM, Sunflower Market has them with the “Mexican” stuff. I think my boss gets them at Food City (believe it or not), she makes the best chili sauce for tamales. Or maybe if you drive down Priest where it turns into the town of Guadalupe, you can for sure get a ton of chilis there, they are usually hanging or in a basket. There’s lots of markets around there, I like the Guadalupe Farmers Market on the west side of the street.

I am looking forward to you photo. I am glad you are cookin’ again.

Comment by EatPeacePlease

Ouch – that hot oil sounds painful. The dish sounds wonderful and I look forward to the pictures…

Comment by Nancy

Hi Julie…

I sometimes use the red chili flakes that you get in the spice aisle in bottles (or can get in bulk) in place of whole chilis, fresh or dried – just very convenient, you don’t need to chop them and the keep for such a long time. They would probably work in this recipe if you added them early on.

That photo looks very good, look forward to seeing yours! The dangers of cooking – burns and cuts, ouch!!

Comment by Dreena

Leslie~ Darn! I went to the co-op to get my other ingredients and I forgot they had a section w/ bulk herbs! Oh, well-next time. I’ve never gotten chilis before-eek-I am scared I’ll make stuff too hot.

Nancy~The oil was super painful & now I have a burn mark that looks like a dove! hehe. What I’ll do in the name of cooking! The photo of my Pad Thai will be up tonight. 🙂

Dreena~ Thanks for the advice-I think dried chilis are more my speed. That’s one of the things that I don’t like about Vegan w/ a Vengeance…a lot of her recipes can’t be made with ingredients I have on hand–or even that I’ve heard of (lemongrass)!

Comment by Julie

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Comment by Best Shopping Planet

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